Thursday, 17 May 2018

Each small goal will take you a very long way

May 17, 2018

Never give up! As long as we manage ourself to be in the game, we will be able to achieve the next small goal. Each small goal we achieve, we gain experience, a piece of knowledge and perhaps a new skill. Each new knowledge we gain we know we've got one more asset that nobody can take away. Our stamina will be further enhanced. Our wills will be stronger. Our chance to beat the challenge will be higher!

The accumulation of our small achievement is not a process of addition but multiplication. For each piece of knowledge we learn will interact and mix with other winning pieces of knowledge. Together these knowledge will affect the other knowledge so much small pieces of knowledge will grow even more within its domain due to other pieces may be relevant to each other. And when we reach enough number of such knowledges we reach the critical point of explosive growth! You can call it a network effect or you can call it an exponential growth, compounding effect or whatever terms you may like to describe it. To me, it's just magical and we have to trust !

Whether you are studying for a university degree, developing your career, trying to save money, clear your debt or even investing, chances are that you shall run into challenges. Things may seem very tough from time to time and the silver lining is nowhere in sight. Just hang in there. Never give up. Motive yourself to take that extra step for your body and muscle will warm up and you'll get more efficient. Once you got yourself into the zone, once your engine is warm and running, your performance will significantly improve.

The victory in the men's 800-meter final at the 1972 Munich Olympic Games by David Wottle is exactly this. Despite of his slow start due to early injury, he just hang on to the game. In his mind, he setup small targets. Just hang in there, get to the middle of the rest of the runners, just look for the third and eventually got the gold! So it turn out his injury wasn't that big a challenge. He just need to get his body to a stage where he would perform better, perhaps even better than his imagination!

So hang in there! Never give up! Especially when you are in a situation where you are in trouble such as you are seriously in debt. Just keep yourself positive and make a plan and set your strategies to get yourself out of the trouble. As long as you are willing, other people will help you. Yes, even your bank or your debtor likes to see you improve for they are the most benefited party. Read this article: 3 Key Strategies To Get Rid Of Credit Card Debt. Hope it would be of good use to you.

The same goes for investing. Each small win will compound on each other. Give it time. Your job is to save money from your job and accumulate these proceeds into your long term investment plan. For me, long term investment is kind of like trusting our economy is being built upon that we will keep on improving in terms of productivities. Somehow on a while, our world's improved knowledge and technologies will seep into our business and we will be able produce more over long run. So if you don't know how to invest, just invest in the broad market and give it enough time for the magic of compounding return to work! Read this article: The Number 1 Bullet Proof Strategy To Start Investing Early. The strategy is simple and easy to execute. All you need to do is to save a bit of money every month and consistently invest according to the plan. Hang in there and never give up. Eventually you'll get to a point your portfolio will reach a critical point and you will start to earn passive income.