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Each small goal will take you a very long way

Never give up! As long as we manage ourself to be in the game, we will be able to achieve the next small goal. Each small goal we achieve, we gain experience, a piece of knowledge and perhaps a new skill. Each new knowledge we gain we know we've got one more asset that nobody can take away. Our stamina will be further enhanced. Our wills will be stronger. Our chance to beat the challenge will be higher! The accumulation of our small achievement is not a process of addition but multiplication. For each piece of knowledge we learn will interact and mix with other winning pieces of knowledge. Together these knowledge will affect the other knowledge so much small pieces of knowledge will grow even more within its domain due to other pieces may be relevant to each other. And when we reach enough number of such knowledges we reach the critical point of explosive growth! You can call it a network effect or you can call it an exponential growth, compounding effect or whatever terms you

3 Key Strategies To Get Rid Of Credit Card Debt

Are you having too much debt? Unless you are forced to pay off something unavoidable such as unexpected medical bills or repairing cost of some unexpected accidents (car, house and etc), chances are that you can find room in your daily living to help fix or improve your debt issue. Even if you are forced to take on unexpected debt, there are many ways to restructure your debt so that you pay less interest expenses and paid off the debt quicker. There are different types of debt. Credit card debt is most likely the worst kind unless you go for the loan shark. Also, credit card debt is the most cunning kind because you accumulate the debt by many smaller transactions that appear to be “costles” transaction. And it easy to miss a payment whether you are miss it intentionally, unintentionally or even subconsciously avoiding the pain of payment. Credit card’s interest rate is probably one of the highest legally allowed.  The other debts such as mortgage carry much lower interest rate. Th

The Number 1 Bullet Proof Investment Strategy To Start Early

One of my relatives, let's call him Ken, asked me for advice on how to invest in stocks in last year Christmas party. I was not too sure about his age but he was definitely in mid 40. Ken was not the type of person who was interested in investing. Otherwise he would have started much earlier and wouldn't have asked me such elementary question on how to start investing at such age. Anyway, it's better to start late and then too late. So I was very eager to share with him my experiences (yes I do get excited about investing) with him about fundamental, technical, economic analysis and so forth. After a long conversation, Ken concluded that he will "study until he understand everything" then he will dive in. It was a positive conclusion but to my opinion is that one will NEVER understand everything about investment. So Ken will never start investing if he is actually going to go according to his conclusion. Of course I don't think Ken meant literally "ev

Squirrel Without Arms Makes Her Dad So Proud!

It's just so inspirational to watch videos like this seeing little animal being so cute and yet so strong. Life is something to be treasure and not to be complained! Try your best to be bigger than life! Everyday!

Start achieving financial independence in your 20s and 30s

Most of us dream about being wealthy at certain age. However, most of us don't really have a "plan" to get there. Often we found ourself approaching such age but the wealth we used to dream of is nowhere to be seen. To make the case even worst, many of us find our living expenses increased to a level we did not anticipated when we were younger. Things like increasing medical expenses, unexpected raise of living standards such as an expensive smart phone for every single family member and increasing education tuition fees can really spin us off track!